In my violinmaking studio in A Coruña, Galicia, I make and restore violin, violas and cellos.


From and early age I was sure I would become a violinmaker, starting my career in the Escuela Municipal de Artes y Oficios, Vigo. I moved to the UK to complete it.

My work as a violinmaker is deeply grounded in my studies at the Newark School of Violin Making, where I graduated with an “Upper Merit” Diploma. I joined Juliet Barker´s Workshop in Cambridge right after my graduation, where I was busy doing violin making, restoration and helping teaching the making for amateurs.

When I moved back to Galicia after that, I was very fortunate to be Gonzalo Bayolo´s assistant, with whom I further developed my style and raised my work standards.

I continuo to develope my work style by participating in the Oberlin Workshop organized by the Violin Society of America in Ohio, USA. Professional makers from all over the world gather there to share and reflecto n today´s needs.

I work independently from my home town since 2011.